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Our skin is here to stay Posted on 05 Jan 19:09

It makes some of us feel good, others bad, and pretty much all of us frustrated. We take care of it, but don’t know how to control it. We never quite know if what we do today can change how we look tomorrow, the next day, the new year, a decade from now, or even far into the future. Quite frankly – we don’t really know that much about our skin – from our face to our hands!

But what if we could give skin a voice?

What if we could offer people a window of truth into their skin – helping them uncover their “skintributes”. Giving people daily personalized information to improve their skin, and connecting them to people based on their skin score. They could learn from each other based on the products they use, their routines and the results they see. So no matter what type of skin someone has, we can elevate everyone’s skin to its best.

OKU elevates everyone’s skin to its best!

What does OKU do? Posted on 31 Dec 12:30

OKU sees what you can’t – by literally looking under your skin. It takes a scan of your skin, analyzes it in detail, takes into account your lifestyle information and provides you with an easy to understand value called the SkinScore. This will tell you how your skin is faring and identifies areas for improvement. It then sets a daily goal towards unlocking the youthful best of your skin. Oku gives advice on your lifestyle and diet and will recommend the right products for your current issue, or the right routine to improve your skin wellness. Much like a personal trainer, it helps you get your skin in the best shape.